What Is It Like To Be A Clinomaniac?

Being a Clinomaniac

I suffered from clinomania during my college years without really knowing about it. Nobody had heard of the term “clinomania” or “Dysania” back then. Had you told people that you suffered from a psychological disorder that made to want to stay in bed all day, your friends and family would have laughed at you with derision. They would accuse of being lazy and making up fancy excuses for your laziness.

But it’s true – clinomaniac are not lazy – they suffer from an anxiety disorder which is closely linked to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and depression. I have suffered a lot because of this condition, but I have managed to shake it off with great difficulty.

Seeking psychological help was a problem for me as most of the psychologists and psychiatrists I consulted were not able to diagnose the condition accurately. It was only much later when I was able to get help from a very smart psychologist who helped me overcome the disorder.

This website is my effort to educate people about clinomaniac, and help them arrive at a better understanding of what it is like to be a clinomaniac. Let’s begin with the clinomaniac definition.

Clinomaniac Definition

A clinomaniac is a person who suffers from Clinomania or Dysania, a psychological disorder, which is similar to other anxiety disorders such as chronic fatigue syndrome and depression. Clinomania could be a result of a number of causes such as insomnia, depression or a number of mental disorders. While clinomania could be one of the consequences of fatigue, clinomaniac generally do not have any fatigue whatsoever – just an overwhelming desire to sleep and be in bed.

Are You a Clinomaniac?

If you are a clinomaniac, you will find it hard to drag yourself off the bed even though you have slept for 10 hours or more. You simply cannot give up the warm embrace of your blankets and head for the shower. You just don’t feel like getting on with the rest of the day. You invent excuses to skip work or school. You have a non-existent social life as no one would want to date a person whose only goal is to be in bed all day long. Clinomania is a very persistent condition and hard to get rid of. It is also a condition which can relapse very easily if you are not careful.

Is Clinomaniac Lazy?

Not at all – clinomania or Dysania is a psychological disorder. Anyone can have this condition and if you have it, it does not mean that you are lazy. Just as depression is a disease and nobody can be blamed for their depression, clinomania too is a psychological condition. It’s not right for anyone – friends or family – to accuse you of laziness because of your clinomania. Yes, you must receive psychological counseling for the disease and get rid of it at the earliest, but don’t get hurt by those who call you “lazy” because that is NOT true. This condition can be cured with the right medication, which your psychologist would give you.

Clinomania Symptoms

Clinomania symptoms are a severe headache, loss of concentration, sore throat, short-term memory loss, muscle pain, drowsiness, body aches, recurrent infections, exhaustion, irregular bowel movement, and polydipsia. But clinomania is mainly a psychological disorder and some of the signs that one may have this condition are living in solitude, missing out on important engagements, arriving late for work on a consistent basis, not having a meaningful relationship and so on.

Treatment for Clinomaniacs

As said earlier, psychological counseling is a must for those suffering from this condition. Psychologists recommend medications such as serotonin supplements and suggest changes in your lifestyle, such as exercising regularly, having a healthy breakfast early in the morning, having lots of water and following regular habits.