Top 10 Signs That You Are a Clinomaniac

Are you a clinomaniac? As a former clinomaniac myself, I know exactly what it is like to have this condition. For those of you who are not sure whether what you have is clinomania or not, you will find this article very useful.

Here, I discuss the top 10 signs that you are a clinomaniac. Since clinomania is essentially a psychological condition, the signs that indicate whether you have this disorder or not are related to your behavior, not necessarily to your health. First, let’s begin with the Clinomaniac definition.

Clinomaniac Definition

A clinomaniac is someone who has Dysania or clinomania, a condition which refers to the abnormal relationship with one’s bed. People with clinomania hate to get out of bed, even after it’s been several hours of sleep. Clinomania is an anxiety disorder and is closely linked to depression and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Top 10 Signs that you are a Clinomaniac

Sign #1: Your greatest relationship is the one that you have with your bed. You love your bed, you are filled with deep emotions every time you see it. You want to be in it all the time, whether you are at work or school.

Sign #2: You love sleeping – a bit too much. This is seriously affecting your sex life because you would rather sleep the moment you get into bed instead of responding to your partner’s advances. All you want to do is sleep, and don’t have the powerful sex drive that you had only a few months ago. Your partner is really upset at this and is seriously annoyed with you. You have no idea which way your relationship is headed.

Sign #3: You live in solitude and complete isolation, because, instead of going out and meeting attractive members of the opposite sex, you would rather stay in bed and enjoy the embrace of your blankets. You haven’t been on a date for months.

Sign #4: The only thing you think of at work is somehow making your way home and getting into bed. Indeed, the first thing you do after getting home is to get to the bed. You don’t even want to have any food or refreshments – sleep is the only thing on your mind.

Sign #5: You have even given up watching your favorite TV shows because you cannot bear to get off the bed for them. You have given up playing Xbox or cruising Facebook. In fact, the only pastime you indulge in right now is sleep.

Sign #6: Every time you feel unhappy or emotional about something, you head to your bed. Your bed is your salvation, your emotional support, and your everything. You can’t bear to be separated from it.

Sign #7: Your family hates that you spend so much time in bed. They don’t know what to do about you. They are extremely frustrated by your behavior and have considered taking you to a psychologist.

Sign #8: Your friends call you lazy and mock you for staying in bed when you should be out partying with them. They fail to understand your behavior. They don’t know what to make of you.

Sign #9: You are late for school or work almost on a regular basis. This hasn’t gone unnoticed by the management. You are at a serious risk of losing your job. You have already missed several meetings and have been late to many tests.

Sign #10: You always find some excuse to stay in bed. You are very good at that. If you are going to be late for a job interview because you have overslept, you tell yourself that you deserve a better job anyway.

If any of these signs are true with you, let’s face it, you are a clinomaniac. It is very important that you should get psychological counseling from a trained psychologist and stick to the medication that you will be given.

Also, make a conscious effort to exercise regularly, have a sumptuous breakfast and drink a plenty of water. Maintain a regular routine and stick to it at all cost.

Clinomania can be cured – I know because I was a clinomaniac in the past and now I am completely free from this condition. You just need to get help from a qualified psychologist and be persistent in your efforts to rid yourself off clinomania.