Does Clinomania Cure Really Work?

It is perfectly normal to want to catch up with a little extra sleep. However, when you feel overwhelmed by this desire over a period of time, and find it hard to get out of bed, regardless of the consequences – you have a problem. You could be suffering from a psychological condition or an anxiety disorder called clinomania or Dysania.


Clinomania Definition

Clinomania or Dysania is a mental disorder which is associated with difficulty in getting out of bed. A clinomaniac may be wide awake, but finds it hard to open their eyes and to get out of bed. They just have a strong urge to be in bed for the rest of the day, although they have had over 10 hours of sleep.


Okay, I Now Know What is Clinomania, But Should I Worry About It?

Clinomania is not a deadly condition; there are several disorders that are a lot worse than just one that makes you want to be in bed all day long. But clinomania can play havoc with your professional and personal life. You will be late for work on a regular basis, miss out on an important class, find it hard to be on time for job interviews or tests. A clinomaniac has this overwhelming desire to stay in bed even as the world passes by. Clinomaniacs invent excuses all the time, just to stay a bit longer in bed, even though it is against their best interests to do so. This is a very serious condition and if you have any of the clinomania symptoms described here, you must visit a doctor as soon as possible.


How is Clinomania Different from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Depression?

Clinomania is linked to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Depression, but it is not the same thing. Clinomaniacs are essentially addicted to their bed – they may or not may be depressed and they may not be exhausted or have fatigue of any sort. They just find it hard to get out of bed and carry out their routine daily activities. They have an obsessive relationship with their bed and hate the idea of getting out of the warm embrace of their blankets. Generally, those who are depressed show every sign of suffering from clinomania, but that doesn’t mean all clinomaniacs are depressed.


Tell me about Clinomania Cure!

Clinomania is an anxiety disorder, much like depression and chronic fatigue syndrome. Clinomaniacs generally tend to oversleep at the cost of avoiding their responsibilities. They are not mindful of the consequences of their actions to their health, personal and professional life. Clearly, this is a psychological disorder and has to be treated accordingly.

Psychological counseling is a must for those who show any of the clinomania symptoms mentioned here. Clinomania is not yet as common as other anxiety disorders, but a lot of people suffer from it. Your psychologist will suggest medications such as serotonin supplements to help you overcome the condition. The medication given for Dysania influences the way the brain functions and basically wakes you up from a state of deep slumber.


What Else Can I Do for Clinomania Cure?

Apart from the medication given by your psychologist, you can take steps to cure yourself off clinomania by having a healthy, wholesome breakfast, exercising regularly, following good habits, drinking a plenty of water and caffeine. But before you do that, there is maybe one cheaper option. Try to kick your motivation and cure clinomania with Manifestation Miracle. It’s an amazing program and there is 60 days money back guarantee!