Am I a Clinomaniac? Top 10 Clinomania Symptoms To Watch Out For

What is Clinomania and How Do I Know If I Have It?

Are you in an obsessive relationship with your bed? Do you find it hard to pull yourself off it? Is your best friend your pillow? Is waking up a problem even after you have had 10 hours of sleep? Well, you show every sign of having clinomania or Dysania, which is actually a psychological disorder.


Am I a Clinomaniac?

So how can you be sure that you have clinomania? We have put together a list of clinomania symptoms here. Do you identify with any of them? We hope not, but if you show any of these symptoms, and if you suspect that you are a clinomaniac, it is important to get medically treated for the condition. Only professional psychologists should handle clinomania cure.


Here are the Top 10 Clinomania Symptoms to Watch Out For…


Symptom #1: You have just had long, tiring day at the office or college. You come home, and you just want to sleep. You don’t even want to have something to eat, or even have coffee. The only thing on your mind is sleep. And once you get to bed, you are going to be on it for the next 12-13 hours. Your partner or parent will have a hard time getting you off the bed in the morning in time for work or school.


Symptom #2: You share a passionate relationship with your bed. Whenever you see it, you can feel its warmth. You long to be in it all the time, even when you are at work. The only thing on your mind is to get home and get to bed. Just getting into the bed gives you great pleasure.


Symptom #3: You have a beautiful/handsome partner, but not even he or she can arouse the feelings that you have for your bed. The sight of your bed fills you with immense joy and happiness.


Symptom #4: You love sleeping so much that you would rather sleep than have sex, even if you have a most attractive partner. Sleep is the only thing on your mind, night and day. You long to sleep and no longer have the sex drive you had in the past. This is really hurting your relationship and your partner is on the verge of leaving you for good.


Symptom #5: Every time you feel sad, lonely or emotional about something, you go to sleep, instead of going out and meeting new people. You rely on your bed and pillow for emotional support.


Symptom #6: Your obsession with sleeping is making your family crazy – they don’t know what to do about you. They are frustrated and angry and often try to pull you off the bed. This makes you angry too, and leads to loud arguments. You think your partner or parents hate you and don’t understand what they could have against you catching up on a bit of sleep.


Symptom #7: You are habitually late for work because it’s 9 am and you are still asleep. You even missed out on an interview because you slept the whole time. You kept getting calls, but chose to lie down in bed with your eyes closed rather than pick up the energy to pick up the phone.


Symptom #8: You are suspicious of anyone who would try to come between you and your sleep. You just want to sleep and don’t care about anything else. You completely disregard the fact that you are upsetting your near and dear ones with this attitude.


Symptom #9: You really want to get up and shake off your sleepiness. But find some excuse to be in bed for a few minutes longer, which eventually becomes a few hours longer. The whole day is gone by then and well, it’s time for bedtime and so you take another nap.


Symptom #10: Being in bed comforts you. When asked about your hobby or interest, you say that it’s sleeping. You don’t even understand how negative it makes you look.


Are you in an obsessive relationship with your bed? Is it hurting your personal and professional life? Does any of the symptoms listed above resonate with you? Well, then you are a clinomaniac for sure.